How To Become A Vegetarian

On March 1st, 2017, I became a Vegetarian. Since then, I have seen my actions inspire others to eat less meat and have gained a better perspective for how Vegetarianism and conscious food choices can have a positive impact on our bodies and our planet. 
In this post, I’d like to frame the conversation around four repeatable and transferable strategies that might help others on journeys of their own. 

Medicare Cost Comparison

Recently, I discovered the open healthcare data available on and downloaded a few different reports to see what helpful insights I might be able to discover. One of the more interesting data sets I uncovered was the Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data, which I used to produce this simple Cost Comparison Tool

Did I lose you yet? What does that even mean? Let's try and break some of those convoluted healthcare terms into plain English. 

How To Lose Weight: A Contrarian Opinion

When I first read Peter Thiel’s “Zero to One”, I was struck by the now popular question he asks in interviews: “what important truth do very few people agree with you on?” While discussing the book with a co-worker the next day, he asked what my answer would be. 

The response popped into my head uncontrollably, as if it had been waiting all along: “If you asked most health professionals how to lose weight, they would focus on exercising more and proper nutrition, but before approaching physical fitness I would address mental health.” 

Mobile Mindfulness

In 2013, I became interested in meditation as a form of developing mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence to improve performance and general well-being. Like most people, I was incredibly skeptical at first. Sitting still and quiet has never been something I’ve found particularly enticing; I’m much more comfortable being constantly stimulated by music, TV, podcasts, and the internet. However, I've also noticed that in many ways, technology has shortened my attention span and altered the way I think and work. This has driven a personal interest in products that are able to flip the paradigm and have the opposite effect, sparking deep stages of productivity and calm.