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Writing is a way of putting my curiosity on steroids while traveling. This is what I see and how it feels, raw and unfiltered:  

After spending three months in the wonderful landscapes of Patagonia spending a paltry average of $30 a day, I decided to write a book about how I made this a reality, in hopes that I would open up such an adventure to other like-minded travelers. Patagonia On A Budget  is available to purchase on Amazon. 

Traveling in Patagonia doesn't have to be as expensive as packaged tour operators, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet might make you believe. With Patagonia On A Budget, you'll learn: 

  • The best value on the craziest adventures

  • Prices and details for accommodation, transportation and activities in every destination

  • Detailed maps and itineraries of the most popular backpacking routes

  • Recommended campgrounds with the best rates and facilities

  • Instructions and safety advice for hitchhiking

  • The electronics, websites, and applications to depend on during your expedition

  • Special instructions for surviving and thriving during long hikes through national parks. 

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