The Traveler

Travelers possess unique traits which enhance the world. 

They can piece together disparate pieces of information from various geographical locations to understand the why behind complex global phenomena. 

They can take a wide view into context, remaining even-keeled in the face of hardship, unrest, and turmoil. That is, they know how tiny their sliver of the universe truly is. 

They can act with empathy towards every single person they interact with, for they know how difficult it can be to operate outside of the comfort zone. 

They can tune out the unimportant aspects of the world, for nothing is as pointless as the news, the latest trends, or gossip mongering. 

They can avoid the fleeting pleasures of life, like TV and sugar and purchasing new things, with the knowledge that much greater rewards await those who choose to focus deliberately on experiences. 

Instead, a traveler's pleasures are wide open vistas, disconnection from the hubbub of the outside world, the opportunity to meet new people, cultural immersion, and experiencing the world on a global scale. 

These rewards are intrinsic, eternal, and enriching to the soul.