Patagonia On A Budget

After spending three months in the wonderful landscapes of Patagonia spending a paltry average of $30 a day, I decided to write a book about how I made this a reality, in hopes that I would open up such an adventure to other like-minded travelers. Patagonia On A Budget  is available to purchase on Amazon. 

Why did I write this book? 

By searching online at Tripadvisor,, Lonely Planet, and Hostelworld or talking to a travel guide, you may think it's impossible to travel in Patagonia without shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for package tours and expensive accommodation options. 

At, you can find information about budget travel in Chile and Argentina, the best activities for backpackers, detailed itineraries of top destinations, and everything you need to know to turn your dream vacation into a reality. 

Ready to get started? Pre-order Patagonia On A Budget from Amazon right now! 

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