Ruby On The Beach: Week 5

Coding in a team environment is an invigorating process, as each member contributes unique ideas and knowledge, enabling the group to create something much stronger than the sum of our individual skills. Although our group was met with an exceptional number of new challenges this week, we were ultimately able to build progressively more complicated functionality into the application.

Ruby On The Beach: Week 3

One of the coolest aspects about reaching this milestone in the course is we were now able to tackle larger projects within small groups. This environment led to a lot of knowledge sharing, and I enjoyed picking up coding techniques and product management strategies from my peers within the cohort. Programming is hardly ever an individual undertaking, so it was a great experience to understand how folks with different backgrounds, skills, and mindsets approach solving the same problems.

Ruby On The Beach: Week 2

Just two weeks in to the Ruby On The Beach bootcamp experience, it's incredible to look back at the software concepts I was struggling with ten days ago and laugh at my own naiveté. Although my goal of becoming a bona fide programmer is undoubtedly still far away, it feels great to make progress every day and I've undoubtedly traversed a massive amount of material already.