Achieve Anything with Lift

If you were to scroll through the top charts of the Health and Fitness category in either Apple or Google's app stores, you would find much repetition. Many of the apps accomplish the same goals, whether that be tracking your steps, helping you count calories, or providing a workout companion while at the gym. But there’s one app that is on a mission to do so much more: unlock human potential. Lift is an app that helps you achieve your goals through tracking, community, and coaching. Although many goals are health and fitness related, Lift also incorporates things that you normally wouldn’t consider play an impact on your well-being, like flossing, playing a musical instrument, or keeping a journal. Each different goal on Lift is accompanied by a question and answer section where you can utilize the vibrant community to find their favorite tools or get over tough roadblocks along the way.


IMG_1784  IMG_1786 Lift has also developed a growing database of challenges in categories like Meditation, Yoga, Cardio, and Strength Training. One of my favorite aspects of these plans is that they subtly incorporate BJ Fogg’s Behavior Change Model of tiny habits. Instead of suggesting intense workouts, each plan starts off with something that seems incredibly small and easy, like just holding a plank for 30 seconds. But as you progress through these month long challenges, the daily expenditure gets incrementally more challenging.

Recently, Lift has unveiled  1-on-1 coaching for $15/week: a big feature that will surely be an important inflection point for the app’s development. It will be interesting to observe how this new channel impacts user engagement with the Lift platform and how coaching gets enhancements over time. Using the coupon code COACHME, the first week is free right now! What are you waiting for? Give it a try and see what happens...

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